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The first European chain of independent hotels

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Hotusa Hotels Official Site. The first European chain of independent hotels
2.500 hotels in over 50 countries trust us with their representation since 1977.

About Us

Hotusa Hotels

Hotusa was founded in 1977 through the initiative of hotels managers group from Barcelona that, for the spread over of new hotel companies, decided to join their forces creating an organization offering , in a common way, business and marketing services for independent hotel properties.

Nowadays Hotusa gather up over 2500 hotels throughout 48 different countries: at the moment occupies the 4th place between hotels consortium at a worldwide scale, and the first place at European level.

The Hotusa purpose consists in providing, to small hotels and reduced groups, all the tools useful to help them being more competitive, with a conditions average, with the bigger hotels consortia in the international market.


Marketing, distribution, exclusive representation, membership, technology, quality systems and supplies are the three hard points of the company, and represent the match point over them turns our traditional activity.


As well, the segmentation between different trade marks and, therefore, the adaptation to them of our offer of a wide service choice represent the future aim of our company.

Our headquarter finds itself in Barcelona (Spain) and the enterprise branch off in a office network between: Rome, Paris, London, Vienna, Lisbon, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.


Hotusa Group has a big second affair line: the direct hotel exploitation.


Founded in 1993, with an excellent growing percentage, this division includes more than 130 hotels in 50 cities.

This wide hotels choice includes four and five star hotels, strongly connected to the cities where they are located, through the introduction of elements related with art and local culture and situated mostly in the old town centres or financial districts in the main Spanish cities, just as in some of the main capitals of the old continent and Mexico city.

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