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Booking Engine

Currently, on-line booking systems on the Internet are generating a greater volume of bookings than the systems that we used to consider traditional: personally, at a travel agency, or by making a telephone call directly to the hotel, etc.

The quick accessibility, efficiency, and security that are offered today through various websites for placing reservations have completely opened up the market for reaching final clients directly in their homes, capturing nearly 80% of the total volume of bookings currently generated for hotels.

Here at HOTUSA, we have always been at the front line in promoting and integrating all of these Internet portals, situating our associated hotels in the best positions on-line.

Nevertheless, we wanted to develop a tool for all of our associates to improve the positioning of their hotel’s own website and, especially, to give final clients the possibility of making their booking directly with their hotel, the On-Line Booking Engine.

Now, with a simple process, your hotel’s website will have a real-time booking system.
These reservations are generated automatically using the same availability system that you are currently using with HOTUSA, which saves your hotel time and work.

Here at HOTUSA, we want all of the independent hotels that have their own website to be able to integrate this system and to be able to offer both their direct clients and new clients the comfort and security of making a booking through the on-line booking engine.

Motor de   reservas online

Advantages for the Hotel

- This complements and improves its current website with an on-line booking system.
- It saves time and work in controlling the reservations that can currently be received through the hotel’s website.
- It increases the net cost of the price of the room, as the booking is made by the final client, eliminating the commission for the travel agency.
- Adaptation of the website’s look and feel.
- Protection of information and confidentiality for clients, as the booking engine is on a secure server (ssl).
- Direct payment in the hotel with the credit card as a guarantee.

Costs for the Hotel

Integrating the HOTUSA On-Line Booking Engine does not have any added cost for the hotel.

What is more, all of the bookings generated through the booking engine, since they are a direct sale to the final client, don’t have any commission for the travel agency.

There is a single commission for the bookings generated by the HOTUSA booking engine.

How it Works

Every time a client accesses the on-line booking system through the hotel’s website, a pop-up will open, showing the personalised booking engine with the hotel’s name and style.

Once the arrival and departure dates have been selected for the stay, the engine will show the availability and the final price of all of the types of rooms and conditions available.

This availability and the prices will always be the ones that the hotel has already established with HOTUSA’s general planning.

After entering the client’s information and credit card information, a booking will be generated that will reach the hotel by fax. This booking is guaranteed by the client’s credit card.

At the same time, the final client will receive an e-mail confirming this booking, with a booking number, the hotel’s information (address, telephone number, fax, e-mail), and also indicating that to make any change or to cancel, the client should contact the hotel directly.

Integration Procedure

If you are interested in integrating the HOTUSA on-line booking engine into your website, you need only contact your Hotusa business agent or fill in the following form:

Name of the Hotel associated with Hotusa
Hotusa Code:
Name of hotel contact person:
E-mail of hotel contact person:
Telephone number

En breve, nos pondremos en contacto con usted para facilitarle las instrucciones de integración de dicho motor. Se trata de un proceso muy sencillo donde el hotel tan sólo tiene que facilitar a su departamento de informática o a la empresa que ha desarrollado su página web..

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