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The Hotusa Group



Hotusa Hotels

HOTUSA: Its traditional activity of representing hotels has been rounded out in recent years by steady growth in the area of the direct operation of hotel establishments.


These two lines of business follow parallel, independents paths, while at the same time trying to take mutual advantage of the synergies arising from the two activities.


This means that the representation activity is carried out within the context of a consortium of over 2,350 partner hotels in 48 countries, while the direct operation of hotels is based on managing these establishments as owners or as renters.


Hotusa currently manages 86 establishments, 52 of which form a part of the Eurostars Hotel Collection, founded in January of 2005 and now one of the main urban hotel chains in Spain.

-HOTUSA INTERNATIONAL OFFICES: Hotusa has a network of offices that provide key support to partner hotels by connecting them with important segments such as tourist and incentive groups.

These offices are located in Rome, Paris, London, Vienna, Lisbon, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.





Eurostars is a brand name referring to 52 hotels owned by Hotusa. All of them have unique architecture and privileged locations in common. As well, every Eurostars Hotel flows with the harmony of the urban area where it is located, blending in terms of its structure, its interior design, and the presence of samples of local art and culture within its facilities.



keytel s.a.

KEYTEL S.A.: Founded in 1973, it joined the Hotusa Group in 1995. Its incorporation into Hotusa Group represented a significant strategic operation for both companies.

The oldest hotel representative in Spain, this company has as one of its main values its solid position within the corporate sector. It is no coincidence that Keytel was the first Spanish hotel representative present in Amadeus.

Since its incorporation into the Hotusa Group, Keytel S.A. has maintained significant growth in both billing and in terms of the number of hotels represented.

Current marketing is focused on four and five-star hotels in cities, and it currently represents over 1,500 hotels spread out over Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.





Founded in 1982, in 1996 it came onto the quality market as a custom Tour Operator. Thanks to hard work based on a growth and development strategy, the company has positioned itself in recent years as one of the hotel booking centres with the greatest growth in all of Europe.


The firm has a portfolio of over 30,000 hotels spread out over 5 continents, and forms a basic part of the Group’s international development strategy for the coming years.





This is a web company specialised in marketing different types of hotels. It has the Hotusa Group portfolio, along with a large portfolio of establishments worldwide, all linked through a series of direct agreements that have allowed it to build up one of the most complete hotel offers in the world.

On a technological level, the Hotusa Group has made its own developments, which adapt well to all the known distribution channels. In this sense, using a common technology greatly facilitates the integration of hotel offerings, individually and as a whole.






IGM is an IT software developer. Its vocation is to become the technological partner of the leisure and tourism sector companies. Since 1996, IGM has developed all-round solutions for handling hotel reservations, ticket and season ticket sales to cultural and sporting events, graphic design, and strategic consultation about integrating computer technology into these areas.


It has revolutionised its clients’ daily work, positioning itself as a key figure in the operation of many companies.





ElysÉes HÔtels


Elysees West Hotels (EWH) is one of the main voluntary hotel chains in France, with nearly 100 associated establishments. It is excellently positioned in the MICE segment, because of the excellent facilities of its hotels for holding conferences and incentives.





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